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Alexander Sharon

Naomi Leon in response to Marcia Indianer Meyers, concerning lack of pre
1900 birth records for Indianer ancestors, wrote:

<< ... How strange. I assume you are aware that there are quite
a lot of surviving records >from Khodorov, albeit scattered across
a number of different archives? Miriam Weiner's Routes to Roots
website helpfully indexes them here:
Have you also been in touch with Mark Halpern and Patrick Atlas who are
coordinating the AGAD archives project for Khodorov?
http://jri-poland.org/town/chodorow.htm I notice that on the
Gesher Galicia All Galicia Database there is mention of a Leib and
a Selig INDIANER on the 1883 Homeowners List for Khodorov. >>

There appears to be confusion between township Chodorow in Bobrka commune of
Eastern Galicia at 4924 2419 and township Khodorov in Kyyiv (Kiev) region of
the Eastern Ukraine at 4956 3115.

Galician (Austro-Hungarian Empire) vital records were not scattered through
Russian Empire - two Chodorow in (Khodorov) in question were different
places located in different countries.

BTW, Russian Khodorov was large Jewish township located near mighty Jewish
town Rzhyshchev, South >from Kiev. 400 Jews resided in this location at the
end of 19th century.

Information on 1883 Indianer folks homeowners is very encouraging indeed but
it doesn't provide solution to Marcia ancestors birth certificates

After all, there is also number of Indianer of Chodorow listed in the Ellis
Island database.


Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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