A communal Yizkor list for a Jewish cemetery in Galicia #galicia

Eva Floersheim <evaflor@...>

You have travelled half the world to visit the Jewish cemetery in Galicia
where your family was buried.
Now you have finally arrived, but found out that most gravestones have only
first names, no family names.

In such a situation, could a possible solution be to locate a gravestone
with a Jahrzeit around the day of your visit and have that gravestone as a
symbolic gravestone for putting a little stone on it?
Can one do some kind of religious ritual? What does the Halacha say about

Can there be some kind of mutual responsibility/connection in such a special

I have made such a communal Yizkor list for the around 400 graves I
registered in Lubaczow, with the exact location of each grave. Does a
cemetery list arranged according to the Hebrew date of death make sense for
In any case I intend to leave one such copy with a Polish friend who lives
near Lubaczow.

The registered information will be on the JOWBR in due time, but that is a
completely different way of presenting the material and for a different

I would be glad to hear your reactions, based on both feelings and/or
religious traditions.

Eva Floersheim
Shadmot Dvorah

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