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Joshua Skarf <jskarf@...>

My wife is going on a business trip to Wroclaw, Poland this coming
Monday. This is kind-of last minute, but she is looking for a tour
guide to take her to visit Zdunska Wola and Lodz, where her
grandparents lived before WWII, for one day next week.

Does anyone have a tour guide who they can recommend?



Researching: BACHMEJER [Wolbrom, Poland], BARABAK [Pogrebishche,
Ukraine], BOGDAL [Pilica, Poland], CHAUPTMAN [Janow. Poland], GERBER
[Uman, Ukraine], GOTFRID [Checiny, Poland], GRYNBAUM [Koniecpol,
Poland], JASINSKY [Checiny, Poland], KIERKOWSKI [Koniecpol, Poland],
LAKS [Checiny, Poland], LANDZLOFFER [Przyrow, Poland], LASK [Zarki,
Poland], LEYTENBERG [Wolbrom, Poland], MAJTELES [Wolbrom, Poland],
MAYLAND [Wolbrom, Poland], RAKOWSKY [Checiny, Poland], ROZENFRUCHT
[Wolbrom, Poland], RYCHTER [Checiny, Poland], SHKAROFSKY [Pogrebishche,
Ukraine], SKARF, SPIEWAK [Koniecpol, Poland], SPIVAK [Tetiev, Ukraine],
STOROZUM [Mstow, Poland], SZPIGLER [Wolbrom, Poland], WEINDLING
[Wolbrom, Poland], WEXELMAND [Ukraine]

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Please respond privately with any recommendations
for a tour guide.

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