Re: Attention: Former subscribers & GG members #galicia

Carol Skydell <cskydell@...>

Shelley's advice is excellent and I would just like to add the

If you have not done so, please update your contact information
in the JewishGen Family Finder since that is the only way others
can reach you if there is the possibility of a connection. and then click on the MODIFY
icon, enter your researcher code and password and update the
informantion. We also need you to enter your phone number which
will never be published but needed only for administrative

Many thanks for your anticipated cooperation!

Carol Skydell, Vice President,
JewishGen Special Projects


Shelley Pollero writes in part:

Many Gesher Galicia members with an email address renewed
their 2001-2 membership before the demise of that provider. These email addresses
are still listed in the Gesher Galicia Family Finder and on our membership
database. When went out of business, we all had to change our ISP
but many of you have forgotten to inform Gesher Galicia of your new address.

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