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Gesher Galicia SIG

Gesher Galicia is pleased to announce the addition of new sets of
Jewish vital records on the All Galicia Database (AGD) - a database
that is free and available to all. See:

Stryj (Stryi)
- Jewish deaths, 1847-1863. Central State Historical Archives of
Ukraine in Lviv (TsDIAL), Fond 701/1/314. (2,154 records)
This completes all the Jewish vital records for Stryj held in
Ukrainian state archives.

Tarnopol (Ternopil)
- Jewish births, 1900. Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in
Lviv (TsDIAL), Fond 701/1/336. (545 records)

Zborow (Zboriv)
- Jewish births, 1838-1864. Central State Historical Archives of
Ukraine in Lviv (TsDIAL), Fond 701/1/69. (850 records)

We have also indexed and uploaded three short files >from the Ukrainian
State Archive of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast (DAIFO), for the towns of
Sniatyn and Zablotow. These records have not been microfilmed. Apart
from 37 books of Jewish vital records >from the town of Stanislawow
(now Ivano-Frankivsk) itself, the Sniatyn and Zablotow books appear to
be the only other Jewish Galician vital record books currently held at

- Sniatyn. Jewish births, 1937. DAIFO, Fond 9/1/10. (39 records)
- Zablotow (Zabolotiv). Jewish marriages, 1937. DAIFO, Fond 9/1/103.
(19 records)
- Zablotow (Zabolotiv). Jewish deaths, 1937. DAIFO, Fond 9/1/104. (31 records)

Of the 65 towns with known Jewish Galician vital records in Ukrainian
state archives, Gesher Galicia has now uploaded to the All Galicia
Database (AGD) the indexes for 33 complete town sets:
Bialy Kamien, Borszczow, Brody, Brzezany, Bukaczowce, Czortkow,
Drohobycz, Grzymalow, Horodenka, Husiatyn, Jagielnica, Jezierzany,
Kolomyja, Kozielniki, Kudrynce, Mosty Wielkie, Nadworna, Okopy,
Podwoloczyska, Probuzna, Sambor, Sniatyn, Stary Sambor (Stare Miasto),
Stryj, Swirz, Turka, Tyczyn, Winniki, Zablotow, Zbaraz, Zimna Woda,
Zloczow, and Zolkiew.

By the end of this 2017, we expect to have completed and uploaded to
the AGD all the records in Ukrainian archives for a further 10 towns:
Budzanow, Gliniany, Grodek Jagiellonski, Jezierna, Krystynopol,
Narajow, Olesko, Rozdol, Rudki, and Zborow.

Eight towns have been partially completed:
Kosow, Lwow, Lwow-Zniesienie, Mielnica, Mikulince, Mosciska,
Stanislawow, and Tarnopol.
The over 130,000 Lwow records already indexed over nine years by Eric
Bloch and his team, and generously donated to Gesher Galicia for
uploading to the AGD, represent some 90% of all the Lwow Jewish vital
records currently in the Ukrainian archives.

Five towns have been fully completed by Jewish Records Indexing-Poland
and uploaded to their online database:
Kozlow, Krzywcze, Rzeszow, Skalat, and Sokal.

Coming to the All Galicia Database soon:
- Zborow D 1819-1846, 1876
- Tarnopol D 1877-1878
- Stanislawow M 1928-1930
- Krystynopol M certificates 1933
- Bolechow D 1811-1846
- Olesko B 1852-1876

For further information, please contact <info@geshergalicia.org>.
Please do NOT reply to this email.

Tony Kahane
Chair & Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia

Send all inquiries to info@geshergalicia.org

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Galician researchers are urged to search
both the Jewish Records Indexing-Poland database and
the All Galicia Database for their names and towns.

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