JRI Poland #Poland Seeking recommendations for a Warsaw-based genealogist/researcher #poland

Tamar Amit <ta.genealogy@...>


My cousin's wife is looking for information on her family in Warsaw
and its province.

She would like recommendations on a local genealogist or researcher
that can create a "knowledge pack" for them.

The information she is seeking is for family members she is not sure
about (only heard stories about but has very little details),
addresses where the family lived, occupations and so on. The family
dispersed in the 1930's and she would like to start putting the pieces
together again.

Most of the information she is looking for is "younger" than 100 years
and would probably require a family consent signed by a notary - she
is already aware of that.

She already has a Polish citizenship but does not live in Poland in
case that helps.

Anyone you can recommend?


Family names she is seeking (all >from Warsaw Gubernia) are:

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Please send any recommendations privately.

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