JRI Poland #Poland Przerosl Jewish Cemetery headstone photos #poland

Hank Mishkoff

A team of volunteers (ably coordinated by Steven Reece of The Matzevah
Foundation) descended on Przerosl (Poland) last month and began the
process of restoring the Jewish Cemetery there that's basically been
neglected for the last 75 years.

And the first batch of photos is now online! I just posted 18 hi-res
photos of headstones on the website of the Project to Restore the
Przerosl Jewish Cemetery:


Some appear to be more legible than others, but if you'd like to try
your hand at translations, there's a "comments" section at the bottom
of each page that you can use for that purpose. To say that we'd
aappreciate your help with the translation effort is a massive

I don't know if any of the inscriptions are legible enough for us to
learn anything useful, but I'm excited at the possibility that we may
be able to figure out which of our ancestors and cousins might be
buried there. Thanks in advance for your help!

Hank Mishkoff

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