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Russ Maurer

Every researcher with roots in Gorlice (located about 25 miles south
of Tarnow) knows the frustration of having few records to work with.
I recently noticed that the Przemysl branch of the Polish State
Archives posted some records of Gorlice schools which no one seems to
have remarked on, and wondered if these could possibly have
genealogical significance. When I looked into it, I was astounded to
find a treasure trove: nearly 40,000 images of individual student
report cards extending over a generation (school years >from 1893-1894
to 1924-1925, and years of birth >from roughly 1880 to WWI). I have
strategically examined some of these records and created a spreadsheet
that I think includes most of the Jewish students, at least once. It
can be downloaded >from my google drive using this url: goo.gl/E8ro3b,
or anyone interested can contact me directly, as well. The
spreadsheet includes links to the individual images, which are in
Polish. Please review the "read me" tab on the spreadsheet for
details of what I did.

Here is some more basic information. The report cards come >from four
schools: Szkola Podstawowa Czteroklasowa Meska w Gorlicach, 1911-1925
(Gorlice four-year primary school for boys); Szkola Podstawowa
4-klasowa Zenska w Gorlicach, 1903-1925 (Gorlice four-year primary
school for girls); Szkola Podstawowa nr 1 w Gorlicach, 1893-1925
(Gorlice primary school #1; this was a 6-year school for boys); and
Szko=C5=82a Podstawowa nr 2 w Gorlicach, 1893-1925 (Gorlice primary school
#2; this was a 6-year school for girls). All four schools were
attended by a mixture of Jews and Gentiles. As a rough estimate,
about one-third of the students were Jewish. In addition to the
academic report, the report card typically includes the student's full
name, date of birth, place of birth, and religion, and the
name/place/occupation of at least one parent or guardian. Students
would typically have been about age 7-13 while attending these

The spreadsheet I have created includes about 3500 lines, but some of
them are duplicates, largely due to students who repeated first grade
(sometimes several times). The exact number of nonduplicate records
is uncertain, but a reasonable guess would be 2000-2500. In many
cases it is possible to reconstruct a sibship by linking same surname
and same parent name. It is also possible to infer some information
about marriages in the parental generation. It appears that many or
most Gorlice researchers on the JewishGen Family Finder will find
their family names in this spreadsheet.

For anyone wishing to browse the records, they can be accessed from
the Przemysl archive search page, http://www.przemysl.ap.gov.pl/skany/
On the search form, ignore all the boxes except the second one,
nazwa zespolu. Clicking on that box opens a drop-down menu. The
schools are near the bottom. Pick the one you want, then click search
("Szukaj"). In the page that opens up, any file title that starts
with "Katalog glowny" or "Katalog klasowy" will take you to the
student records for the indicated school year. Within the file, which
might contain 500 or so scans, they are organized by grade - first
grade, followed by second, third, etc. In some years in some schools,
there were two classrooms for a grade, in which case first one class
is shown, followed by the other. There is no rhyme or reason as to
how students were assigned to the two sections, as far as I can tell.
Within each class, the records are more or less alphabetical by the
student surname, but there are exceptions and there were usually a few
late registrants inserted at the end of the class listing.

Russ Maurer
Pepper Pike, OH
researching RIEGER in Gorlice

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