Lviv Burial Records #galicia

Errol Schneegurt

I am trying to bring together a group of volunteers to create a data base of
persons that were buried in the Lviv Jewish cemetery during the years 1941
and 1942. These were critical years for the Jews of Lviv. The data sheets
consist of about 9000 surnames, given names, address at the time of death,
date of death, date of burial, grave section and plot, and amount paid for
the burial.

9000 individuals are by far no where near the number of Jews that lost their
lives during this period of time. It is a start and will answer many
questions for researchers.

This set of documents may very well have the names of persons who have passed
on that do not appear on any other data base. So in essence we will be doing
a service to both the researcher and the deceased.

Copies of the paper records were given to Jewishgen by Yad Vashem in a
landmark agreement which allows copies of their documents out for input by
others. It is of major importance that this project be successful so that
others may follow.

This input when completed will become part of a searchable data base to be
incorporated with the others on the JewishGen system and will also become a
data base to be used by Yad Vashem.

Most of the documents are written in Latin script with about 15% of the data
written in Cyrillic script. Needless to say the Cyrillic portion is during
the period of time that the Russians had control of Lviv and before the
Germans entered the city.

For the project to go forward I will need to volunteers that can read and
translate Cyrillic script in addition to the volunteers needed for the Latin

The process will involve the input of the information >from paper records to a
Microsoft XL spread sheet and the verification of that data input by another
Volunteers must have a recent version of Microsoft XL and have the knowledge
to receive and send e mail attachments.

The general rules for this project can be found at,
There are some specific instructions that go along with this project and will
be forwarded along with the XL spread sheet.

Volunteers should be willing to devote approximately 4 to 6 hours a week
toward this project so it can be completed within a reasonable amount of
time. The hours of work and the length of the project are a direct function
of the number of individual that volunteer. I will be able to determine the
number of sheets each individual will get when I know the number of
volunteers we have.

The final verification of the data base will be made by Yad Vashem.

If you wish to become part of this worthwhile project please contact me at,

Errol Schneegurt NY

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