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Mark Lerch <mhlerch@...>

I have posted a marriage record for Izrael Cedrowski. I am hoping to
get enough of the Polish translated to get the details of on his
family, including his parents and any others mentioned.

I am researching my great grandfather, Samuel Goldberg. Based on some
old family stories, it is possible his name was changed from
Suderovsky (sp?) and I have secondary sources that suggest he was from
Lomza. This record for Izrael, who may have been a brother, has
parents with the same names (Hebrew versions) as Samuel's parents,
Rubin and Jennie. Samuel was born ca. 1864-71 and immigrated ca
1886-8 to the US.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

The viewmate file is at:


Please respond using the form provided in the Viewmate application.

Thank you very much,

Mark Lerch
New Jersey, US

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