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Milton Koch

I have been able to locate some history about the birth and death,
of Sara Lea Nussbaum Weinreb, which occurred in Israel, in 1986.
She is buried in Holon.
My quest is to locate any living family members.
Sara Lea was born in Baranow, Galicia in 1898. Her mother was
Chuan/Hanan (?)
My maternal grandfather, Gustav Nussbaum, was also born in Baranow, in
1869. His parents were Abraham and Ruchel, however.
I wonder if they are not related by parentage siblings. I do not know of
how many Nussbaum families might have lived in Baranow at that time.
I would like to find any descendants of Sara Lea, in order to get more
family names, dates and history.

Thank you.
Milton Koch
Bethesda, MD, USA

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