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Stanley Diamond

Friends, my post yesterday had an error in the URL address
pointing to the web page describing Books of Residents.
The correct URL is now included at the end of this message.

On behalf of Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, it is with great pleasure
that I am able to announce that all 17,200 entries in the 1878-1897 Plock
Books of Residents project are now searchable online in the JRI-Poland
database _www.jri-poland.org_

We are indebted to the project leader Tony Hausner, and the many
researchers, the Gombin Jewish Historical & Genealogical Society and the
Plotzker Young Men's Independent Association, all of whom gave their
generous support to the project.

As researchers may be aware, the data was released in phases as funds were
raised. Until recently only entries for families living on streets with
names starting with the letters A to P were available. Since there are
many streets beginning with the letter "S" the increase in online data
is substantial.

Here is an overview of the Plock Books of Residents project:
The entries have detailed information on 17,200 individuals, a remarkable
resource for those researching ancestors living in Plock who were born as
early as 1786. There are more than 4400 different surnames (and spelling
variations) and more than 700 other towns mentioned in the database.

Thus, if your family lived anywhere near Plock, you should be checking to
see if any relatives appear in this data.

Books of Residents are a house-by-house census of the families living in
the town. Town officials updated the information for each family on an
ongoing basis over time and recorded all the people living in the house
and moving in and out.

Each entry includes Name, Surname, Father's Name, Mother's Name,
Occupation, Date and Place of Birth or previous place of residence.
In some cases, Dates of Death, Marriage, and Draft Status or other
informative notes are included.

For a full description of Books of Residents, go to

Stanley Diamond
Executive Director
For the Board of JRI-Poland

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