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When I search on the name Frajdla Klejnman, I come up with two conflicting
marriage records which I don't know how to resolve.

The first record shows a Marriage in 1851 between Nussen Lustman age 18 son
of Jakob Lustman and Drejzla (Surname unlisted) in Opatow record microfilm #
809164 and Frajdla Klejnman age 16 Daughter of Ejber Klejnman and Ella
(Surname Unlisted).

The second record shows a Marriage in 1874 in Cmielow and/or Opatow between
Abram Lejbusz Szerman age 25 son of Izrael Szerman and Chana Gerlik
microfilm # 1808846 and Fraydlja KLAINMAN age 20 daughter of Elbera (Surname
Unlisted) and Ella Gnoch.

It does not seem likely that Elbera Klainman and Ella Gnoch had two
daughters named Frajdla born in 1835 and 1854.

Can anyone shed light on what these records might mean?

Sondra S. Ettlinger

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