Seeking German or Polish language translators for Kolomea portion of a book #galicia

Alan <alanboy@...>

The recent Gesher Galicia newsletter The Galitzianer contains a book
report on NACH GALIZIEN (in German) the full title was given as: TO
journey through the vanished world of eastern Galicia and Bukovina) or
PO GALICJI (in Polish). The book report was prepared >from translating
from the German version.
The author, Martin Pollack, takes you through a journey of various
shtetls and towns describing how things were back at the time of
Galicia. One of those towns listed is Kolomea, but nothing in the
book report covers that portion.

I am seeking help in obtaining and translating that portion of the
book which covers the journey into Kolomea. The results will be posted
on the Kolomea Administrative District web site, maintained by the
Kolomea Research Group.

The book, Nach Galizien, was authored by Martin Pollack, and
published by Edition Christian Brandstatter, Vienna and Munich, 1984.
I will try to borrow the book through my local library system. If I
can obtain the book, I will copy out the Kolomea portion and send it
to anyone who has volunteered to help. In the meantime if anyone can
obtain a copy of the book and do the translation of the Kolomea
portion, please let me know.

I have no information on the publication of the Polish language

Let me know if you are willing to do a translation as described.
Let me know if you have access to the book described.
Let me know if you can provide a copy of the Kolomea portion of the

Thank you very much,
Alan Weiser, Coordinator
Kolomea Research Group & Web Site

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