Re: Seeking German or Polish language translators for Kolomea portion of a book #galicia

Alexander Sharon

The recent Gesher Galicia newsletter The Galitzianer contains a book
report on NACH GALIZIEN (in German) the full title was given as: TO
journey through the vanished world of eastern Galicia and Bukovina) or
PO GALICJI (in Polish). The book report was prepared >from translating
from the German version.
I am seeking help in obtaining and translating that portion of the
book which covers the journey into Kolomea. The results will be posted
on the Kolomea Administrative District web site, maintained by the
Kolomea Research Group.
Hi Alan,

I have recently purchased Polish translation of this book.
It is titled "Po Galicji", translated by Andrzej Kopacki and published by
Borussia, Olsztyn, 2000.

Author of the original publication, Martin Pollack, Austrian born in 1944 is
"Der Spiegel" correspondent and writer.
He studied in Wien and Warsaw and resides in Wien.

Book is unusual since majority of the text is actually verbatum quotation
from the the earlier, 19 and 20 centuries publications in German and Polish.
Through 178 pages of the Polish edition of his book, Martin quotes >from 31
publications - this is probably the reason that book is 'an imaginary

Kolomea and the surrounding areaa are the subject of three articles:

1. "Zabie - Kolomyya", journey alongside the left bank of the Black
Cheremesh River, short desription of towns Kuty, Kosow, Barnow
I this article, Martin quotes >from Karl Emil Francoz "Market Day in Barnow"

2. "Kolomyja - the heart touching story of Anna Caillag"

In this article Martin reproduces quotation >from Saul Raphael Landau, "
Amongst the Jewish Proletarians: Kolomyja" (Original publicaton, Rosner,
Wien 1898), Bruno Schultz, "The Cinnamon Shops. Spa under the hour-glass",
Krakow 1985.

3. Kolomyja-Czerniowce, The Bridge made >from the Blotting Paper,
Journey through Zablotow and Cherniowitz, Bukovina

It appears that the second article would of interest to Kolomea
Did you folks know that Buffalo Bill performed in Kolomea on July 23, 1906
("Do not miss the unique opportunity! One performance only!!")

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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