JRI Poland #Poland Rabbi YISROEL DOVID of Nowy Targ #poland


Hello Friends,

According to the Nowy Targ Yiskor book "RABBI YISROEL DOVID was a remarkable
man and one of the greatest Talmud scholars of his day. The early hours of
the morning found him bending over his tomes, in the lamp light.
The rabbi's wife sold yeast for baking the Sabbath challas. Thursday was
market day in our town, and many people stopped in, toward evening, to buy
yeast, often paying for it much more than the ordinary price; that was their
way of supporting the rabbi."

A note I found in an envelope among my late motherĀ“s belongings says that he
passed away 1925 at the age of about 90 years

Does anybody have any information about his surname, relatives or family

Best regards
Daniel Weinberger
Stockholm, Sweden

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