JRI Poland #Poland Searching for information on, and relatives of, Juliusz OLSZANIECKI #poland

Judith Elam

I am assisting an elderly Polish man whose father, Stanislaw Alexander
ZMIDZINSKI, hid a Jewish dental surgeon in Lodz called Juliusz
OlSZANIECKI. Tragically they were both caught in Lodz, put in prison
at Lodz, and executed at Auschwitz, around 1940.

We would like Mr. ZMIDZINSKI to be recognized as "Righteous Among the
Nations", so I would like to find more information on Dr. OLSZANIECKI
and living relatives of his, if possible, as well as supporting
documentation of the attempt to hide and protect him at the ZMIDZINSKI
home in Lodz.

On JRI-Poland I found a 1926 Lodz marriage record for a Juliusz
OLSZANIECKI and a Fajga NOTKOWICZ. She appears to have died in the Lodz
ghetto or Auschwitz. There is also a Page of Testimony (POT) on
Yad Vashem for Fajga >from a cousin of hers. I cannot find anything
further on Juliusz. I do not need any information on Mr. ZMIDZINSKI.
For example, I already know his first wife, whom he divorced, was my
relative Kaethe HAHN.

Please respond privately. Thank you.

Judith Elam
Kihei, HI

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