JRI Poland #Poland Free Value Added Class offered by JewishGen Education May 7 to May 21 #poland

Nancy Holden

Free Value Added Class offered by JewishGen Education May 7 to May 21

Want to discover family research methodology and map the hidden resources
of JewishGen? Want to learn how to search one of the leading resources for
Jewish genealogy? Want to learn to navigate your way through the maze of
Jewish data collections?

This course is a series of workbook exercises that will take you on a
guided tour of the paths and byways that make up JewishGen's massive
website. You will visit the links that connect the composite databases,
projects, SIGs and open up the wonders of JewishGen.

Newbies, dabblers and serious researchers can benefit by using these
guided pointers.

Our private forum is open to enrollees 24/7. If you have donated $100 to
JewishGen General Fund in the past 12 months this class is Free.
If you have not made this contribution, there is a charge of $18.

Enrollment is open
Click on the enroll hyperlink

Please address questions to

Nancy Holden

MODERATOR'S NOTE: JRI-Poland is an independent organization
whose database, discussion group and website are hosted by
JewishGen. Each group has its own, separate administrative
and fundraising structure.

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