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Peter Jassem <pjassem@...>

I received an interesting inquiry and I think my
response may be of interest to others.

Kitty Sauber wrote:
Dear Peter,
I read your Posting with interest, I did not realize
that there exists a Judaica Foundation IN KraKow ,
today. ( I was under the impression that Poland,
Ukraine, etc discouraged any Jewish Community
activities). Would you have the address and name of
person one may write to at the Judaica Foundation in
Krakow? Is there an archive or University where one
may look for a greatgrandfather who lived there and
graduated >from the University in Krakow in the 19th
With much appreciation,
Kitty Sauber < >

Dear Kitty,

Jewish activities are not discouraged in Poland. In
contrary, there is a fertile ground for such
now. Members of non-Jewish population often join the
very small Jewish comunity in celebration of Jewish
culture and heritage. The last festival of Jewish
culture in Krakow which ended with an open-air 7-hour
long concert attracted 10 thousand mostly young Polish
spectators. A museum of the history of Polish Jews
will be built in Warsaw. Faculties of Jewish Studies
in Warsaw and Krakow are increasingly popular. There
have been even individual cases of Jewish immigrants
to Poland recently. The number of communities,
cultural, religious, educational and research
facilities, publications and other initiatives is too
large to encapsulate them all in this message.

Of course, anti-Semitism still finds its followers in
certain sections of Polish society as anywhere else
in Europe and the world, but I would rather suggest to
direct your attention to these positive trends as they
are to the great benefit of Jewish genealogists.

Website of The Jewish Community of Poland will help you to locate some
of Jewish organizations in Poland.

Judaica Foundation can be found at

And archives of Jagiellonian University do keep
student files, so there is a chance you'll find
information about your ancestor. For contact see:

from your posting I sense that you have not been to
Poland for long. I'd like to encourage you (and
others who read this message)to visit this country, go
to the Jewish facilities, meet local Poles interested
in Jewish heritage, make friends, benefit >from the new

Peter Jassem

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