November 2002 Issue of The Galitzianer #galicia

Edward Goldstein <Edward.TheG@...>

The next issue of The Galitzianer will be published in November.

Please submit articles and announcements of genealogical research
interest whether or not you are a member of Gesher Galicia.

If you are a Town/AD leader or historian you are urged to provide
updates that cover a single town or, when appropriate, a single
administrative district. Please keep any discussion of organizational
matters and calls for financial support to a minimum.

We reserve the right to edit as necessary for style, space
constraints, overlap with other articles, and our publication
policies. If requested, we will provide a copy of edited articles to
authors for their approval prior to publication.

Please submit articles (by 15 October) in the form of word processing
files (preferably in Word format) attached to an email. Where that is
not feasible, please email/write me to make other arrangements.

I would appreciate your notifying me ASAP if you intend to submit an
article. You may also find it useful to submit an early draft for

Thank you for your cooperation.

Edward Goldstein
Editor, The Galitzianer

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