Galitzianer from Melbourne seeking your help #galicia

Peter Jassem <pjassem@...>

I received the following message >from Marc Seifman
from Australia.
Should you have any information, please contact Marc
directly at his E-mail address

Dear Sir- I live in Australia- I was given your
contact name by someone in the USA who may be a
relative. My late father Moses Seifman was born in
Stary Sambor in Galicia in 1911- he was one of 13
children- he lived part of his life in Lemberg [Lvov] - he was
married in Drohobich by Rabbi Yaacov Avigdor (who also
married Menachem & Aliza Begin)He was taken to Plasau
(Plaszow) labour camp & transferred to Matthausen &
then liberated in 1945 at Bergen Belsen camp.he lost a
wife & daughter in the holocaust as well as many
relatives. He arrived in Australia in 1949- I was born
in 1951 my sister who lives in New Haven, CT. was born
in 1954. Any information you may have about my late
father would be much appreciated - many thanks

Robert Seifman.
Melbourne, Australia.

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