JRI Poland #Poland JewishGen offers New Class: Jewish Genealogy in East Prussia and the Baltic States #poland

Nancy Holden

JewishGen offers New Class: Jewish Genealogy in East Prussia and the
Baltic States August 3 - August 26.

For the first time, JewishGen is offering a research class with focus
on Jewish Genealogical research in East Prussia and the Baltic States.

This course will focus on the modern countries of Lithuania (Kaunas),
Latvia, Estonia and the western part of East Prussia that borders the
Baltic Sea.

This region was once inhabited by the Baltic Prussians and Jews where
German language and culture dominated. Regional wars, famine, trade and
treaties influenced Jews who were permitted to live there. The ports and
the rivers that ran into the Baltic determined Jewish life.

If your ancestral roots were in East Prussia, Northern Poland, Western
Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia this class may help you break stumbling
blocks in your research. We will work at records still in existence for
these areas. Where records are sparse we will concentrate on finding
alternate sources.

JewishGen education classes are private, open for your posts 24/7.
You post your family information and the instructor will help you set
objectives to find the solutions for finding missing data.

Tuition for this class is $125. for three weeks of instruction.

If you are interested in this class, we encourage you to send the
instructor a brief summary of your research information and your
questions to see if your research project fits within the scope of
this class. More information


For information about the Application
click on Requirements and Course Details.

Send your questions and application to nholden@...

Nancy Holden
Curriculum Moderator
JewishGen Education

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