JRI Poland #Poland How to read Polish records #poland

Dovie Gelerinter

So, I learned that a library not terribly far >from me was a
FamilySearch affiliate and that I'd be able to see microfilm online
within their walls. So, I went up there, armed with a list of film
numbers and Akta numbers and promptly failed at figuring it out. I was
able to get to the films, but I then realized that I really didn't
know how to use the Akta numbers to get to where I was going. I
originally thought that the Akta was simply the record number, so if I
looked through and found it, I'd be fine. This worked for one single
record out of the 20 I tried. I struggled greatly on the others. Add
to that the fact that I can't read Polish and that I was attempting to
look for names within the text as well as as look at the Hebrew
signatures at the bottom for clues, and it was not a great outing.

Is there an online resource that can help me learn,especially as a
non-Polish reader, how to use film numbers and Akta numbers to get
what I'm looking for?


-Dovie Gelerinter

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