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First of all if you find the record you can post it on ViewMate on jewishgen.
Secondly you must be aware that records of Poland are in cyrillic handwriting
(russian) >from 1868 to 1914, otherwise are in polish handwriting. To learn how
to read the record, if in polish, see the reference by Judith Frazin: A
Translation Guide to 19th-Century Polish-Language Civil-Registraction Documents,
if in russian, see the reference by Jonathan Shea: In Their Words or both of
their updated references. Also for russian there is the very helpful website:
http://www.shtetlinks.jewishgen.org/Kremenets/kmain.html run by Kremenets Shtetl

The record numbers (Akts) start at #1 each year. Following the last Akt of each
year, you will generally see the index for the preceding Akts. If the record has
not been indexed by www.jri-poland.org, check the index which has surnames
listed alphabetically by first initial. . After you have located the Akt number
for a record, go backwards through the images to get to the actual record.
Polish records use Latin characters and so it will be relatively easy to a
surname on the index list. If you are looking for a record >from Cyrillic years,
it will be simple to locate if the record has already been indexed by

David Price
researching: KOUFAX/KOVACS of Grodno, Belarus

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