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Alexander Sharon


I'm afraid that you are incorrectly reading people's surnames in
Wasiliszki rural commune.

Bohdanowicz, not Bondanowicz [Marja],
Bohdziewicz, not Bondanowich [Jozef]

Those people are not Jewish, they are listed there as owners of the
settlements or manors in Wasiliszki rusral administration. Names next to
surnames identify property names, and numbers in parentheses show area
of the property which is expressed in units known as morgen.


Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

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My grandfather's immigration records have a last name: Badanovitz He ?
changed the name to Bond.

The last two line on the Nowogrodek 1929 Business Directory have the
spelling Bondanowicz. That's the first time I have seen that spelling
(I have so far a list of 15 variations). Now I'm wondering if that
could actually be family! People who did not emigrate.

Town: Wasiliszki
District: Lida
Name: Bondanowicz, Marja
Notes: Sasowszczyzna 140
Name: Bondanowicz, Joz.
Notes: Hlinkowszczyzna 55

What do the listings in the Notes column mean? Sasowszczyzna 140 and
Hlinkowszczyzna 55

I'd like to have a link to the original record. I am unable to post a
link to the record transcription. If one uses the new universal search
the record appears.


MODERATOR'S NOTE: At http://www.jri-poland.org/bizdir/bd1929.htm
you will find the Town Search Engine for the 1929 Polish Business
Directory. Enter the town name and it will take you to the image of the
page in the directory itself.

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