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Stephen Weinstein

The microfilm number is probably a reference to the LDS microfilm.
The old procedure used to be that you went to your local LDS church's
family history center and had them order the actual microfilm, which
was mailed to them, and you could view it on their machine. This
required you to go there and pay the postage, and it took a long time.

The new procedure is:
1) You go to familysearch dot org and see if it has been scanned yet.
2) If it has been scanned, you can view it online.
3) If it has not been scanned, then you fill out a request online for
someone in Utah to scan it for you. The scanning is a manual process,
and may take some time.

Stephen Weinstein

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I'm sure this has been covered somewhere and I just can't find it, but
there is data that I'd like to get more information on. For example,
my great-grandmother is on the Plonsk PSA Births list as DACH Ruchia
Laia. It shows the year of her birth but nothing else, other than an
Akta value of 27. Is there more information that just hasn't made it
into the database yet? If so, how can I get that? Similarly, her
father's name is Aron DACH and he shows up in a similar report with a
whole lot of data fields filled in, but not necessarily enough for me
to be sure the one in the report is the one I'm looking for. There is
a reference to a Microfilm number. How can I get a copy of what is on
that microfilm?

Rick Zeckel
Carmel, Indiana 46032

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