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Gesher Galicia SIG

Gesher Galicia's journal, the Galitzianer, invites members and
non-members of Gesher Galicia to share family stories and other
accounts of general interest to genealogists. All submissions should
have a clear connection to Austrian Galicia (1772-1918) or to the
interwar period and the Holocaust in the territory of former Galicia.

In addition, the journal is seeking submissions in the following
specific categories:

** Secrets Beyond the Records: Examples include unusual archival
records >from Galicia or surprising details found in various sources
that have reshaped your understanding of your own family history.

** Education: Examples include the impact of education on your own
family in Galicia, the intergenerational tensions over education for
women, and stories about Galician public schools or the schools
established by Jewish philanthropist Baron de Hirsch.

** Galician Profiles: This category includes biographical profiles of
Jewish writers, musicians, artists, mathematicians, and political
figures who were active in Galicia.

** Other Topics: Jewish emigration >from Galicia (why and by what
route), the Jewish press in Galicia (the language and target
audience), literature published in Galicia in Yiddish or Hebrew.

Prior to submitting an article, prospective authors are encouraged to
contact Jodi Benjamin at submissions@geshergalicia.org with a brief
description of their proposal. Please note that all accepted articles
undergo editorial review and revisions to make sure they conform to
the style of the journal.

For other information about the Galitzianer, including general
instructions for authors, please see:

Andrew Zalewski
Editor, the Galitzianer
The Quarterly Research Journal of Gesher Galicia
Send all inquiries to submissions@geshergalicia.org

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