JRI Poland #Poland Seeking background information about Szyfra WALDER nee KANNER of Poland #poland

Joseph Walder <jswalder@...>

I am trying to find any information about the background and ancestry of my
great-grandmother Szyfra/Shifra WALDER nee KANNER. She came to the United
States in 1927, presumably after the death of her husband, Meyer WALDER. An
annotation on the passenger manifest describes her as "senile".

I have the following information about her: (1) She died in 1940 at age 75,
thus her birthdate would have been about 1865. One can infer her mother's
birthdate was probably no later than 1845. (2) The inscription on her
headstone gives her father's name as Avraham Yehoshua HaKohen. In contrast,
according to a page in the Antwerp police dossier of her son Hersz,Szyfra's
parents were named Osias and Freida. (3) Szyfra's place of origin is not
known. (4) A story passed on by one of Szyfra's sons is that she met her
husband, Meyer WALDER, in Warsaw in 1883, where she was supposedly a tutor
for two children. Meyer had been previously married; the first wife died
in childbirth. (5) Szyfra evidently moved to the Galician town of Narol
after marriage. Few records >from Narol have survived, and none pertinent
to my search. (6) Meyer WALDER may have come >from Lwow; he certainly
had a family background there.

I've done the sort of searches one might expect on JewishGen and
Gesher Galicia but come up with nothing. In particular, I have found
nothing pertinent in searches for Avraham or Osias KANNER.

Any suggestions for how to proceed would be much appreciated.

Portland, Oregon, USA

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