JRI Poland #Poland Announcing publication of Resistance and Death in the Czenstochower Ghetto #poland

Joel Alpert

The Yizkor-Books-In-Print Project of JewishGen is proud to announce
the publication of its 77th title, Resistance and Death in the
Czenstochower Ghetto (Czestochowa,Poland)

This is a hard cover book, 11 inches by 8.5 inches with 248 pages.
This book is a translation of Vidershtand un Umkum in Czenstochower Ghetto.
Published in Poland in Yiddish before 1952
By The Jewish Historical Institute of Poland

Project Coordinator and Translator: Gloria Berkenstat Freund
Layout: Joel Alpert
Cover Design: Rachel Kolokoff Hopper

List price:$45.95 Available on Amazon for around $33 may have lower
prices elsewhere

Alternate names: Czestochowa [Pol], Chenstochov [Yid], Tschenstochau
[Ger], Censtochova [Cz], Chenstokhova [Rus], Chenstokhov, Chestokhova,

Czestochowa is located at 50 48' North Latitude / 19 07' East
Major city, 60 miles NW of Krakow, 67 miles SSW of Lodz.

Nearby Jewish Communities:
Olsztyn 7 miles ESE
Mstow 8 miles ENE
Kamyk 9 miles NNW
Klobuck 11 miles NW
Aurelow 13 miles NE
Truskolasy 13 miles WNW
Miedzno 14 miles NNW
Janow, 15 miles ESE
Zarki 16 miles SE
Przyrow 17 miles E
Myszkow 18 miles SE
Gidle 20 miles NE
Nowa Brzeznica 20 miles N

Researchers and descendants Czestochowa will want to have this book.

For more information, go to:

Please check for additional books about Czestochowa:
and this book about life and survival in the Ghetto of Czestochowa
This was a best seller in Sweden in Swedish, now available in English.

The Yizkor-Books-In-Print Project now has 77 titles available. To see
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We hope you find this of interest for you and your family in
discovering the history of your ancestors. This would make a birthday
gift for a loved one.

For orders 4 or more books to one address in the US, UK, Canada or
Australia, we can offer you a significantly reduced price of $20 per
book including shipping (Amazon discount price is about $33 plus
shipping). Email to ybip@jewishgen.org

Email to ybip@jewishgen.org to get prices for other locations
outside of the US.

Joel Alpert, Coordinator of the Yizkor-Books-In-Print Project

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