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Barry Mann

from Stanley Diamond's article:
Obtaining permission to carry out this work is complicated,
however, because birth, marriage and death records are
typically all in the same Duplikat register book. (Original
individual registers of births, marriages or deaths, known as
Unikats, span a number of years and were retained by the
synagogues. Duplikats, also known as metrical registers,
were created for the civil authorities and include births,
marriages and deaths in one book.)

Have any of the Unikats been scanned and digitized ?
Were any of the Duplicate register books,  duplicated themselves.
ie. Is there more than one copy of some of the Duplikat register books.
I found that in one of the Duplikat register books , one or more pages
were missing. (Torn out).

Do the towns leaders have the latest information for their towns
including Phase 2 and Phase 3 records?
And are all these records included in the Excel files that the leaders
have for their towns.

How can I find out for a particular town: What records and for which
years the town leader has, but have
not yet been added to the JRI-Poland datebase yet?

Barry Mann

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