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Dina Hill

My uncle Chaim Pomeranz passed away June 2018 in Antwerp, Belgium. I
would appreciate it if someone can tell me the exact date of his
death. Does anyone know how I can find out what cemetery he is buried
at and perhaps get a picture of the grave??

I was hoping my cousins would give me the answer, but they are not
very good at communicating with their American cousins.

I tried billiongraves.com but didn't find anything. When I searched
for my uncle on Ancestry, I did get the record of when he and the
family came to visit us in 1962 because he needed a visa.

My uncle Chaim was my mom's brother born Chaim Chamita, but he had his
name changed when my maternal grandmother married Anschel Pomeranc.

I recently found out that he died so for me it's very personal and I
am sad. He was the only brother out of 4 sons that survived the
Holocaust. He was the last of their immediate family.


Dina Aptekar Hill

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