Yad Vashem's policy on Pages of Testimony #galicia

Joyce Field

Zvi Bernhardt asked me to post this on his behalf. It is important to
get this information disseminated to the largest possible audience.


Joyce Field
Yad Vashem's policy on Pages of Testimony:

Often we get requests >from various groups to receive a list of names
from Pages of Testimony for a list being compiled of the perished
from a given town. Our answer tends to be "NO" for the following

1. The Pages of Testimony database is dynamic; it is constantly being
added to and updated. Any list culled >from it only reflects the
situation at that time.

2. It is important, when using information >from Pages of Testimony,
to see the handwritten source and to be conscious that this is the
source. (I know, I know, it is not yet available over the net, but it
will be someday, earlier than the cynics think) There are a couple of
reasons for this:

a) Pages of Testimony are an excellent source of material, but they
are just that: Pages of Testimony, based on people's memories. It is
important, when using the information >from Pages of Testimony, to be
aware of their source.

b) Pages of Testimony are not just a source of information - they are
first and foremost a form of commemoration. There is a profound
difference between reading the information on your uncle in an Excel
file, and seeing it on a Page in your father's handwriting.

3. Due to technical constraints, producing transferable lists of
names for whole towns >from Pages of Testimony is very time consuming.
We believe that it is better to spend the time adding more
information to our database!

We do sometimes make exceptions. We consider sending a list under the
following circumstances:

1. We receive new significant additional information for our database
in exchange for the list we send.


2. The list we send is integrated into larger lists, and is
cross-referenced with other information.

I know that the fact that our data is not yet accessible over the web
is frustrating (believe me, nobody is more frustrated by this than we
are!), but since we do give service by e-mail
(names.research@yadvashem.org.il), the information is accessible. (As
you know, over the past few years, we have attempted to improve the
quality and speed of our service. If you do not get good service
please send us a complaint!)

Please note, in the last week a list of over 48,000 Jews >from
Yugoslavia has been added to our database (see the Infofile on
JewishGen for information on other lists in our database)

Zvi Bernhardt
Yad Vashem

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