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ingrid rockberger

Dear All

I have recently found more information about my paternal grandmother =E2=80=
=93 about whom the family knew very little. So this is an attempt to maybe =
find some descendants of her siblings. My grandparents were already in Engl=
and in the early 1900s. Whereas most of my gfather'ss family also came
to England, my grandmother had no relatives in England.

Her name was Chaya Tzivia Ponsowa >from Kaluszyn, born in 1881. Her family
is also listed under Ponsowy >from Kaluszyn. Her parents were Perec Ponsowy
and Rifka Fyzsman.

Family lore has it that she had 4 brothers who "maybe" went
to the States.

I have obtained some of the vital records and am in the process of
obtaining others. So far, I have evidence of one brother Judka, born 1868.

So, if anyone whose ancestors are >from Kaluszyn think they have any
connection to this family, I would love to hear >from you.

Ingrid Rockberger

Co- Chair, Sharon Branch
Israel Genealogy Research Association.

Researching: ROCHVERGER:Lowicz and Lodz,Poland, KONIARSKI:Zloczew, Poland,
LAJZEROWICZ:Lututow, Poland, MONKA: Sokolow Podlaski, Poland, SCZNAJDER,
Kozow Lacki, Poland, PONSOWA/PONSOWY, Kaluszyn, Poland.

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