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Good evening,
My name is Carin Miller and a few months ago I wrote that I was researching
my parents' families. Some time has gone by so I thought I'd
try again with the hope that I would find a group of new readers.

My mother's maiden name was Joyce Ros(z)enberg and her family came
from Piotrkow. My greatgrandfather was named Abram(Abraham). He was born
in 1868 and came through Ellis Island in 1905. My Grandfather David was born
around 1894 and came through Ellis Island in 1906. My great grandmother,
Esther, came in 1907 came with their 5 other children. Their English names
were Sam, Frank, Howard, Rose and Pauline.
They were tailors and dress contractors.

My father's family, the Schupaks, were >from the Warsaw area. My great
grandfather was named Charles and the family came through Ellis Island in
the early 1900s. Charles had 3 sons, Harry, Philip and David, and a daughter
named Rose. My grandfather was Harry and he was married to Kate Younker. The
family were carpenters in Poland and owned a lumberyard, Blue Bell Lumber, in
Washington Heights.

Red or reddish hair was a trait that seemed to pop up in the family.
If anyone who hasn't already responded has any information please
contact me. I would love to hear >from you. Thank you and
Carin Schupak Miller

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