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1. Csenstochow and Lodsz

You can look at BMD records and Holocaust records in JRI-Poland database and
in JewisGen database. You can also visit the CRARG (Czestochowa-Radomsko
Area Research Group) website and become a member, as a member you get a lot
of information of Czestochowa, Radomsko and nearby towns and villages.

Arieh Rochman-Halperin

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JRI-PL Digest for Friday, April 05, 2019.

1. Csenstochow and Lodsz


Subject: Csenstochow and Lodsz
From: Norbert Steiner <@steiner71>
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2019 14:25:08 -0400
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Sorry if I misspelled the towns.

My parents went through the Lodz Ghetto and the ammunition factory in
Csenstochow. Some of my mothers siblings lived in Lodz before the Holocaust.
How would I look for them in recovered records?

May you meet your responsibilities
With love, insight, and creativity

Norbert Natan Steiner

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