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Dear Gila:

The "f" is shorthand for false. This double surname usually means
that the parents of the child have never been married in a civil
ceremony. The Austrian government did not recognize their
religious marriage. I hope I am stating this correctly. This
means that HAUTLER was the mother's mother's maiden name and
ZWECHER, the false name, was the mother's father's surname.

Many birth records >from eastern Galicia have additional
information. Looking at the record may also tell you more about
the relationships that cannot be shown in an index entry.
JRI-Poland has a process that makes it easy to order records from
the AGAD Archives. At the bottom of the search results page,
click on "Click here for more information" and follow the
instructions. Each record copy costs $11.

On behalf of the many volunteers of Jewish Records Indexing -
Poland, you are very welcome. JRI-Poland is responsible for the
indexing of vital records for current and former territories of
Poland. JewishGen provides the equipment, the website, and the
maintenance that makes these record indices available to
researchers. JRI-Poland and JewishGen are separate organization
who work together to bring you this valuable data.

You can help ensure the indexing of your Galician town's records.
Please consider a contribution to the AGAD project. Information
on contributing is available at
<>. In
addition, please also give to JewishGen to help defray the cost
of maintaining these records. An easily accessible contribution
form is available at

Mark Halpern
AGAD Archive Coordinator

----- Original Message -----
Thank you very much to all responsible for indexing these
records and making
it available on line.

I have been able to find birth entries for my grandfather Jakob
FERNBACH, as well as several of his brothers and sisters. His
mother's name
is given several times as ZWECHER, once as HAUTLER f ZWECHER
and twice as
ZWECHER/HAUTLER. In another entry her surname is given as
FERNBACH, although
I am not sure whether this refers to the same person. Does
anyone know what
the letter "f" means here?

Gila Miriam Chait
Manchester, England

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