JRI Poland #Poland Seeking information about KATY WROCLAWSKIE #poland

Gerald and Margaret

I have just found the answer to an illegible address in Kanth, Silesia
(now Katy Wroclawskie in Polish). It is Kirchestr Church St -
Kosciola ulica in Polish. This was where my paternal grandparents had
a drapery business and lived above the shop with their 3 children, one
of whom was my father.

This is the first step towards applying for Stolpersteine to
commemorate my grandparents, Frieda (nee Masur) and Adolf STEIN, who
were one of only four Jewish families in a small town , 12 miles by
train >from Breslau.

The other families included Dr HEIDENFELD, one of two family doctors
in Kanth. He delivered the 3 STEIN children. Dr Heidenfeld, his wife
and one daughter were murdered in the Holocaust: his other daughter, now
in her late 90s, lives in London, Another family was called JUNGMANN;
the 4th had a shoe shop. Does anyone know anything more about these
3 families,..I would love to make contact, especially if we could
commission more Stolpersteine.

Does anyone have experience of Stolpersteine in Silesia, Poland?

Margaret Levin
Finchley, N London

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