JRI Poland #Poland Question regarding immigration to the U.S. (Chesner - Einbinder family from Chelm) #poland

David Zoldan

My great grandmother, Yitta Machla Einbinder (nee Chesner) and her
brother, Itcha Chesner, immigrated to the U.S. >from Chelm.

The men, i.e my great grandfather, Jack Einbinder, and my great great
uncle, Itcha Chesner, came first in 1924.

The women, i.e my great grandmother, Yitta Machla Einbinder, and her
sister in law, Dora Chesner and the kids came in 1929.

In took 5 years for the two men to bring over their wives and families.

Another brother of my great grandmother, Jacob Chesner, came to the U.S.
in 1904 and brought his wife, Bertha Chesner and their kids over to join
him in 1906, after only 2 years (even less).

Now, I know that the immigration laws to enter the U.S. became stricter
in 1924. Is it possible that this contributed to the extended time, 5
years, which it took for my great grandfather to bring over his family,
as opposed to the 2 years which it took his brother in law to do the
same thing 20 years before.

Does anyone know? Does anyone have a comparable story?

I realize no two stories are exactly the same but I am wondering if this
was common.

Thanks for any help

David Zoldan
researcher # 382214

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Tyk, Rozenknopf
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