JRI Poland #Poland Out of the box solution ?? Can anyone help #poland

David Zoldan

In a tape recording made in 1989 my grandmother related that her
grandfather Shraga Feivel Chesner of Chelm was often consulted on
halachic questions. My grandmother continued on the tape "in fact that
is how he died... " Grandma said that after he provided the answers to
the people, they would give him a potch or pat him on the back, "and
tell him shkoyach (thank you) Reb Feivel ... and I guess after all those
potches he just ... passed away".

Now, of course, I don't think he died >from being patted on the back.

But, I do think that my grandmother was remembering some story which has
some truth in it. Perhaps that truth could be valuable to me.

I realize there is no one who could tell what happened. But perhaps
somebody could provide a suggestion what this could be, some out of the
box solution.

Thanks for reading.

David Zoldan
researcher # 382214

Researching in Poland - Chesner, Einbinder, Bienenfeld, Sova, Kapota,
Tyk, Rozenknopf
Researching in the Carpathians - Zoldan, Steinberg, Meyer, Shlezinger,
Solomon, Weisberger

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