JRI Poland #Poland Viewmate Translation Request: Dawid Kirszenberg, Warsaw- Polish #poland

Jeff Kronenberg <jeffkronenberg@...>

Dear Friends: Shalom aleichem!

I am trying to find out what happened to the Kirschenberg family who were
living in Warsaw at the start of Hitler's occupation. One of the family
was "Dawid Kirszenberg", who applied to the American Consular Service
in Warsaw in 1930 for an immigration visa to the USA.Two of his
children also immigrated to USA, while the other 5 remained behind
in Warsaw.

The page in Viewmate is one of the visa application pages. Please
translate both the typed and handwritten text on this page. The
image can be found at : ViewMate - Image 45553 - Translation -
Polish - Poland - Warsaw - Kirszenberg -

Thank you for your assistance in translating this record.
Please respond through the form provided on the Viewmate image page.

A shainem danke! Thank you kindly.

Hananya Kronenberg

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