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Geraldine Courtney

I have found a Ghetto death card for what I fear may be a son of my family
who lived in Warsaw. His parents and siblings all left Poland during the
early 1900s for the States, but I have so far been unable to trace that
he ever joined them, or indeed left Warsaw himself. Yet, why would he
remain behind? There is no record of a marriage and I have searched
every source available to me for him, yet I can only find his birth and
this death card.

I am aware that the year 1941, in which this particular death of a
Wolf Sztajnchajer is recorded, is one for which the records were
miraculously discovered. However, what I would like to know is whether
there exists any other source to confirm more comprehensive or specific
details, and if there were records >from Warsaw showing his death
officially other than via the Ghetto death card. The card itself names
him and shows cause of death confirmed by a doctor, and that is all
the information available on it.

Is it likely he was ever buried and named and, if so, would his burial
place require to be registered by the State? Were records ever kept
in Poland of those people who suddenly disappeared >from their homes
and travelled clandestinely, or otherwise, to other countries? The
members of my family comprised nine people, and in addition there were
also wives and children. Could they simply disappear with no one in
authority being aware? I would like to prove or disprove conclusively
that this person may be the Wolf who is connected to me, yet wonder
if this is either realistic or possible.

I would greatly welcome any advice or help. Thank you.

Geraldine Courtney, UK

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