Re: Records for Brody, Ukraine #galicia

Marjorie Rosenfeld <marjorierosenfeld@...>

Joyce Eastman asks where to locate records for Brody, Ukraine, especially
for the years 1865-early 1900's.

There are many different kinds of records available for Brody, some for the
years mentioned. For a rundown, see the Brody ShtetLinks site at:

If you scroll just a bit more than halfway down the page, you'll find the
Brody Research section.

You may also want to consult the Brody Cemetery database at the ShtetLinks
site, even though the database given there is only about 50% complete. The
URL for the database is:

For more information about the database, including whether or not the
missing 50% has any information about your relatives, you can contact Dr.
Ben Solomowitz or Dr. Neil Rosenstein. See:

Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld
Carlsbad, CA

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