Jewish witnesses in Rava Ruska and Gorodok in the autumn of 1944 #galicia

Eva Floersheim <evaflor@...>

A few years ago at Yad Vashem while looking for information about Rava
Ruska, I found a document with 196 pages under the file number M33/723 - all
in Russian!
Additional numbers written down on the front page were JM/10594 and
"Original Number 7021 - 67 - 78".

This was "File of what the German occupants did in Rava Ruska and Gorodok"
and "File of how Soviet citizens died in concentration camps in Rava Ruska".
The report was the work of one of the special committees set up by the
Soviet authorities to investigate war crimes committed by the Germans.
During September and October 1944 this specific committee interviewed 30
witnesses - Poles, Russians, Ukrainians and Jews.
I do not read Russian, but with the help of my students - new immigrants
from the former Soviet Union at the time - we transcribed the names and
basic information about the witnesses.
Today I was looking through some of my files and "rediscovered" this list.
If any of your relatives gave testimony for this committee,and you do not
know about about it, here is a list of the Jewish witnesses and the page
number in the file where their testimony starts.
I am quite sure that Yad Vashem is willing to photocopy the relevant pages,
for a fee, if you find something of interest.
The spelling of names should of course be taken with some caution.
I have not read the testimonies themselves.

The Jewish witnesses:
ALTKORN Guak born 1926 in Gorodok Page 186
ALTSHULER Chaja ( daughter of Shlomo) born 1925 in the village
Kamenka-Voloska Page 149
BLIASBERG Gersh/Hersh (Savley) born 1912 in Rava Ruska Page 57
CHAUSSY Jakob (son of Michael) born 1905 in Konotop Page 11
INGBER Shakner (son of Jakob) born 1903 in Gorodok Page 190
KLAGER Moissey/Moshe (son of Jehuda) born 1892 in Nemirov Page 4,Page 28
LEWKOWICZ Fanfel (son of Samuel) born 1920 in Krasnystaw Page 44
MANDAL Isaak (son of Israel) born in Gorodok) Page 169
SHAINEIGER Abraham ( son of Aron) born 1912 in Gorodok Page 188
STARKMANN Iliya (son of Simon) born 1910 in the village Brusno Page 51
STENGEL Rachel(daughter of Markus) born 1923 in the village Karuv Page 152
TENZER Shimon (son of Pinchas) born 1903 in Tuczyn Page 153
WAINBAN Osher, born in Gorodok Page 174
WEINFELD Abraham (son of David) born 1906 in Drogobych Page 22
ZONE Maria (daughter of Abraham) born 1924 in Belz Page 53

Another important part of this report were seven schematical maps showing
where people had been murered around Rava Ruska.
I will tell more about these maps on another occassion.

Eva Floersheim
Shadmot Dvorah

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