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Milton Koch

My PGM- Feige- family was Barbasch >from Pidvolochysk, Poland (now
I have found many siblings of her in both JRI-PL and Gesher Galicia.
However, I have just come upon RIVKA in several documents-her marriage
to Mendel Wolf Weitman in 1928, as well as two pages of testimony >from
Yad Vashem. She supposedly was born in 1877. She apparently perished in
1942 in the Shoah-no records of this found either.
One POT is by her nephew, Mordechai Barbasch, written in 1957. The other
is by her brother, Yisrael, written in 1955.
I have not been able to confirm anything about her at all.
I scoured many genealogy sites to no avail.
I am trying to contact anyone of her relatives to see if there are
documents to confirm her birth and death, in order to fill in mysterious
gap in my grandmother's sibship, as well as whether she had
children, who would be my cousins!
Is it possible that births may NOT have been entered in official records
at all??
Thank you.
Milton Koch
Bethesda, MD, USA

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