JRI Poland #Poland Re: what is a "personal marriage certificate"? #poland

Howard Fink

These birth records can include details about the parents' civil
marriage in two places: the Father's column or the Comments
(uwagi) column.

If the marriage occurred before the birth it will be described in the
Father's column with date, page and record (akt) number.

If the marriage occurred after the birth it will instead be in the
Comments column (with the father's name) and contain a notation
that would have been added at the time of the marriage - often many
years after the birth was entered.

In either case you can find the marriage record by using the year and
record number. If the marriage occurred in a different town than the
birth, then the name of the marriage town will also be written with the
marriage details.
Howard Fink
Tarnow Archives Coordinator
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

Subject: what is a "personal marriage certificate"?
From: Milton Koch <mjk1944@...>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2019 08:52:43 -0500

I have just reviewed a translation of a birth entry >from Dabrowa
Tarnowska, which states under father's column, that there is a
"personal marriage certificate", along with detailed numbers
and dates.

What does this term mean and where can these records be found?

Thank you.
Milton Koch

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