Keidan Jews #Keidan #Lithuania Revised Rules for JewishGen Discussion Group #lithuania

Carol Skydell <skydell@...>

To all SIG members and moderators:

Finally, the long promised Revised Rules for the JewishGen Discussion Group
have been approved by the JewishGen Board of Directors and are online at:


While only the guideliness for "netiquette" established by the Rules Review
Committee and listed in the newly released JewishGen Discussion Group
Rules apply to all SIGS, those that are moderated need to be at least
aware of certain issues necessitating caution. These pertain specifically
to copyright protection and are spelled out in greater detail in the
JewishGen InfoFile "copymyth"

JewishGen Discussion Group Rules are now online at


The rules governing "netiquette" are covered in 2.5 and, as stated above,
all SIGS hosted by JewishGen have agreed to abide by these


Section 4. Form of Messages will be helpful to all persons
posting as well as your moderators. Specifically :

4.1 What is the purpose of the subject line?
4.2 What should the body of the message look like?

Hopefully the rules that apply will make moderator's lives easier, and
create a more enjoyable and productive forum for all.

Carol Skydell
JewishGen Operations

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