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Ada Greenblatt <ada.Greenblatt@...>

Yesterday, Shanka Mink Katz wrote:

I went into the Keidan webpage. I tried to go into the photo history,
cememtery database etc. How do I get into the cemetery database etc ?
- says page not found - doesn't exist on the server. I am new to
this site.
Shana, welcome to the Keidan SIG!!!!

I too have been unable lately to get into the Keidan webpage through the
JewishGen ShtetLinks Directory (Andy, please check this when you get a
chance). In the meantime, as a foolproof alternate, try the following.
This will get you first into the cemetery database and then if you continue
further, into the Keidan home page itself, where you can access the
history, photo images, archived messages, etc.:

1. go to the Jewish home page <>

2. go down to the topic "Research" and click on Databases

3. Go down to the topic "Lithuania" and click on Keidan Cemeteries
Database. Shana, there you'll have the Kedainer cemeteries. The search
engine itself is at the very bottom of the introduction.

4. Right before the paragraph preceding the search engine, is a sentence
that says "For more information, see the Kedainiai (Keidan) ShtetLinks
Page". Click on the hyperlinked text and you will be in the Kedain home
page, "A Hole in the Heart". Set a "Bookmark", "Favourite" or whatever
your internet software calls frequently visited sites so that you can visit
it again without any problem.

I just tried it and it works.

Ada Greenblatt

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