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The best resource to check would be Alexander Beider's encyclopedic guide
to Jewish surnames in the Russian empire. I can't recall the precise name,
but it's not far >from that. It was published three or four years ago, and
can probably be found via your local public library.

In point of fact, there was at least one other community with a name that
sounded like Keidan. I believe it was in Belarus, and may have been
transliterated as Kadan. I think there's a passing reference to it in my
grandfather's history of Keidan on the website. You could also check the
JewshGen "Shtetl Seeker" or "Family Finder" databases for more clues to
your family name.

Good luck

Andrew Cassel

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Subject: Origin of name 'Kadin'?

Date: Feb. 16, 1999

This is my first posting to this list.

I had never heard of Keidan until very recently, when I happened to
across a link to the Keidan Web Site on the JewishGen site. I have no
obvious connection to the town of Keidan, but I was wondering whether my
surname 'Kadin" might itself be a connection. Does anyone have any
thoughts about this?

Let me give a bit of background about myself. I am 46 years old, and
in Brooklyn, NY, with Eastern European Jewish forebearers. My father is
Harold Kadin, 77 years old, also born in Brooklyn. In recent years, my
father has become interested in the background of HIS father, Sam Kadin,
who died over 40 years ago, but originally came >from Russia around the
of the century. My father believes that his father came >from around the
town of Chechersk (now in Belarus), and that his surname back in the old
country was similar to 'Kadin' (pronounced kay-din). None of our
relatives seem to have a clue of the origin of the name, though.

Now, I found Chechersk on a map, and it is some 200 miles >from the town
Keidan in Lithuania. But I was wondering whether an ancestor might have
come >from Keidan and moved elsewhere at the time (at the beginning of the
19th century?) that surnames were being assigned. If being >from Keidan
a point of pride, then I can easily imagine that he might have adopted
Keidan as his surname. Given several alphabet changes, it seems not
unlikely that this could have evolved into Kadin.

Incidentally, there seem to be many variant spellings of what may be the
same original name. I checked in the web-based telephone search
(PeopleFinder), and in addition to Kadin, there is also Kaden, Kadan,
Kadon, Kayden, Kaiden, Kaidin, Caidin, as well as Kaidan. Then there are
others with various endings, such as Kadaner, Kadanoff, Kadansky,

Does anyone have any thoughts about this hypothesis? Are there any
resources that might help to verify this?

Thanks for your help.

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