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Alan Kadin <kadin@...>

Dear Mr. Cassell,

Thank you for responding so quickly.

I used ShtetlSeeker, and found a reference to a town formerly known as
Kaiden, now known as Dzyarzhynsk, which is 23 miles SW of Minsk, in
Belarus. This is somewhat closer to the place in SE Belarus (Chechersk)
that my grandfather seems to have come from. So perhaps this Kaiden,
rather than Keidan, might be the origin of the name 'Kadin'. I'll try to
pursue this further.

Alan Kadin

The best resource to check would be Alexander Beider's encyclopedic guide
to Jewish surnames in the Russian empire. I can't recall the precise name,
but it's not far >from that. It was published three or four years ago, and
can probably be found via your local public library.

In point of fact, there was at least one other community with a name that
sounded like Keidan. I believe it was in Belarus, and may have been
transliterated as Kadan. I think there's a passing reference to it in my
grandfather's history of Keidan on the website. You could also check the
JewshGen "Shtetl Seeker" or "Family Finder" databases for more clues to
your family name.

Good luck

Andrew Cassel

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