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Alexander Sharon

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I found the oldest sister's manifest quite a while back. It says she
is >from Dobrowich (Galicia). My uncle thought she was >from Dobromil.
I'm not sure if these are the same towns or different?

the youngest sister's ... manifest says her last
residence was "Bibro" and she left her mother in Bibro. My uncle
thought the Millers were >from "Byiblau" or something similar. The
place of birth column says something like "Wustadt", but unfortunately
the handwriting on this manifest is difficult to read.

So, does anyone know if Dobrowich and Dobromil could be the same town?
And does anyone recognize the names Bibro/Byiblau and Wustadt, or some
variations of those, as being nearby shtetls? I tried ShtetlSeeker,
but there are just too many possibilities that come up using D-M,
especially for Bibro/Byiblau. So if anyone recognizes these towns and
can shed some light, I would very much like to hear >from you.
Dear Else,

It appears that Bibro/Byiblau is a place called Byblo located in Galicia,
and currently in Ukraine.
There are actually two towns by this name and both are in Galicia.

1. BYBLO in Stanislawow (Ivano Frankivsk) region at 4915/2451

Poland 1929 Business Directory describes this town as being in district
Rohatyn near towns Bursztyn and Brzezany.
It lists 638 general population (1921 data) and amongst the local
businessmen the following Jewish names are listed:

E. LIEBLEIN, General store owner
I.LIPPMAN, Liquor store owner

2. Byblo in Lwow (Lviv) region near Dobromil at 4939/2251
Poland 1929 Business Directory describes this town as being in district
Przemysl, near towns Nizankowice and Nowe Miasto
It lists 826 general population (1921 data) and amongst anly two local
businessmen there are no Jewish names.

Town is indeed located near Dobromil. It is also possible that mysterious
"Wustadt" is actually "Alstadt", a Jewish name for Stary Sambor, another
large town in this region.

To answer your other question:

Dobrowich is not the same name as Dobromil. I could not locate any town
"Dobrowich" or similar in the nearest vicinity of the both Byblo.

Hope this help


Alexander Sharon,
Calgary, Alberta.

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